Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beer Diary

I picked this beer because of the COOL bottle cap.  It's yellow and had this adorable gnome on it.  (We are making an attempt to make a beer cap table)  This Belgium beer was surprisingly good.  I wasn't expecting it.  We may just have to have a few more of the cute little caps somewhere on our table.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beer Blog

So in our quest to try different beers from around the world, we came upon this Polish yummy!

It is better than the O.K. BEER the label boasts!

Beer Blog

We have been sampling BEERS from around the world.  Some we like, some, not so much, some not at all!
 This is a Polish beer we DID NOT like! Kind of disappointing because the last Polish beer we tried was great.
 This is a Spanish beer.  We did not like this one either!
 We first tasted this beer from Turkey when we visited Antalia, Turkey in 1997.  It was just as good now as it was then.  Surely a favorite international beer.
 Belgium beer which we did not like at all.  Too bitter
 Here was a nice surprise.  This beer is Russian.  Not sure what we expected, but I really liked the bottle and the golden color. And much to our delight the beer was really good.
German beer.  Not going to repeat this one.  Too Hoppy!