Sunday, July 28, 2013

Impressive Clouds

I have a Photography Hobby, too!

We get some great weather shots here in Florida.  I seem to have an obsession with taking pictures of clouds.

Sitting on the beach, looking up

The date stamps adds an extra something :(

This one reminds me of a side-ways Skull

Fire Pit Cooler!

I turned an ordinary large clay pot into an Outdoor Cooler for our FirePit area!
I bought this at The Home Depot for about $20.  It stands about 2 feet tall and about 2 feet diameter.  It's available in a few other colors, too.  And the best part, there is a small drainage hole in the bottom.

It sits outside all year round, looks great and holds alot.  Plus, it's inexpensive making a second pot within the budget!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have fun sprucing up your yard!

Cheddar Potatoes - Grilled Style

I grill ALOT living here in Florida.  The weather is almost laways favorable to cook my food over the hot coals of the grill.  Ok, so maybe not hot coals.  I have a gas grill.

If meat is going on the grill, I try to add my sides as well.   Potatoes are super easy to prepare and put on the grill.  And they cook relatively quickly too.

My picture doesn't do this tasty side justice, but believe me, they are delicious!
So, Here's what you do:

Cube a couple of potatoes and place in mixing bowl.  I think there are about 4 here.
Add about 1/2 cup sour cream, 3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese and salt to taste, about a teaspoon and a half.
And Mix it all up.  If you think it's too dry, add more sour cream.  Like it more cheesy?  Toss in more!

Now it goes into a foil pouch.  I always make mine since I always have foil on hand.  But I know Reynolds makes pre-made foil pouches that are awesomely easy to fill and  use.

This is the point when I turn the grill on.  The foil pouch is placed on the top vegetable / bun rack.  (You know, that 1/4 size rack above the main one).   I let the potatoes cook while the grill heats up.  They finish cooking as the meat cooks, so total cooking time is only about 30 minutes.

Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Cards

Although I do not update my blog as often as I should, I am still very active with my hobby:
Card Making!
Here are a few since my last post!

This one I cannot take credit for as being my original idea.  I found one similar on Pinterest and copied it.  It was perfect for my friend's birthday! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Baked Ravioli

Okay, this is an AWESOME, EASY week night dinner.  And it calls for 3, YES, 3 ingredients!

How yummy does this look? This dish always gets loads of smiles and anticipation!   But not too much anticipation because it bakes in like 30 minutes!   Add a fresh green salad and maybe some garlic bread and you've got yourself a great well-rounded healthy dinner!

Want to know how to make it?

Here are the 3 Ingredients: 
1 bag of frozen Ravioli, a Jar of Marinara and Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Layer the Ravioli in a baking dish

Now Cover the Ravioli with your favorite (or homemade) sauce.

And then cover your sauce with shredded Mozzarella Cheese

This beauty goes in a 350 F degree pre-heated oven and bakes for about 30 minutes. Or until it is hot and bubbly.

You can also freeze this dish before you bake it.

I made this dish for a sick friend's family and did just that!  I covered it with foil and wrote the cooking directions right on top in Sharpie marker.

I have also been know to mix some sauce and a bit of cheese throughout the ravioli before topping it with more of both!

Baked Ravioli

1 bag frozen Ravioli of your choice
1 jar Marinara Sauce, flavor of your choice
2 cups of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Layer frozen Ravioli in baking dish.  Cover with Marinara sauce. Top woth Mozzarella Cheese.  Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, or until hot and bubbly throughout.